Cross collaborative community building

Building a community internally and externally requires a number of different approaches. On the fashion communiction with business studies course this has been undertaken using a approaches from collaborative speed dating and student led social media content production to sign-up workshops, the creation of kitchen and studio spaces, book swaps and library spaces the student


The multidisciplinary approach of Fashion Communication with Business Studies calls for lots of collaboration and appreciation of working with other talented individuals. The course has aimed to grow the opportunity for students but to also share the events that it runs too.

The Fashion Communication with business studies course works with a number of other courses, schools and external businesses to build a community and opportunities for collaboration.

The course has worked closely with The school of humanities and Visual Communication (Graphic design and Illustration) within the school of art and media by sharing our visiting lecturers programme.

Working with artists such as Ali Lapper to explore body image and the media and fashion design to collaborate together to explore fashion space and future bodies.

Workshop Wednesdays

Workshops have been designed to be above and beyond the core learning for the Fashion Communication with Business Studies course.

The workshops are designed to be delivered by a range of participants and to be a place to empower the tutor as well as the learners. The workshops are delivered by academics, technicians and most importantly students with the aim of building a community amongst the course and wider subject areas.

Some workshops are delivered as a way to test a new idea or session that might become a core part of a module. Some workshops are about giving opportunities of further skill acquisition such as screenprinting, whilst some workshops are about sharing new skills and ideas that have been learn’t.

The type of workshops delivered include:

Digital Prototyping
Design Sprints
Data Visualisation
Frontend coding
Design Systems
Google Analytics and data segmentation
Setting up a business
Being a freelancer
Jewellery Making Workshop
Post production