Our sense and perception of time in relationship to technology

Winter from Long Man ver 2

This project explores our sense and perception of time in relationship to how we use technology and the impact that this has on idea generation in the creative process & the communities who use the technology. 

The way that we experience time and space is changing, our relationship between the physical space around us and how we interact with it is directly impacted by the digital tools that we use. 

This project aims to highlight the relationship between the creator of work and the viewers/users. Through augmented reality and gamification, users will be able to experience work that is created based on geo-specific locations. For example, this could range from inspiration for a piece of work, the history of a landscape or a journey to help understand the artist (be that metaphorical or physical). The pieces could be experienced over a short or long period of time, but through the same physical location. The pieces could range from images or videos to virtual installations or data visualisations; they are all designed to explore the relationship of the creators and the users/viewers whilst also encouraging both parties to pause and become aware of the space around them and thus their wellbeing.

Work in progress can be found here