A modern space for Fashion Communication

New studios for fashion communication with business studies

The white studio being used

On the BA(hons) Fashion Communication with Business Studies course the course team were fortunate enough to develop a dedicated space for the course. We worked with the modern spaces team, the staff and students to create a space that was perfect for the course. The project was a collaborative effort were everyone had a voice and was able to participate in the development of the space.

Amanda Bright, Head of the School of Art, said: “In reimagining the Fashion Communication spaces, the team were keen to reflect contemporary professional experience as much as possible, with analogue and digital technologies integrated into open, collaborative, flexible learning spaces. We are thrilled with the redevelopment and very grateful to the Modern Spaces Team. These spaces are wonderful additions and a great environment in which I’m sure our students to continue to excel.”

The white studio before
The green studio room before
The green studio for talks
It was a Breton themed day
A team effort in sorting and unpacking
A social kitchen space
Chris testing out the new seating area
The new white studio space
The green studio for photography
The green studio as a pub
The messy space
The white studio being used
The new green studio space