Youth creative design thinking workshops

Delivering a week long series of workshops exploring identity, meaning and creative practice using a design thinking approach to teach creative thinking and presentation skills for the London Youth Leadership Award with LEB and Kuala Lumpur International Education Consortium.

Co-Innovate Studio

How can we work with the changing landscape to prepare early career creatives for the future ahead?

Social background & digital literacy

The Retain Achieve Succeed Research Programme (RAS) at the University for the Arts London developed intercultural understandings of some of the contexts of transformative, inclusive arts education in the Higher Education sector.

Manuel Vason

Working in collaboration with Manuel Vason a series of websites have been developed to promote his work and projects. This is a combination of a space to promote his collaborations, archive and any news of ongoing and upcoming projects. 

Volt Café

The Volt Café website. Collaborating with the magazine to design a dynamic site showcasing highly original content brought together by a group of photographers, stylists and writers united in their desire for creativity and authenticity. Volt Café endeavours to bring the audience features & interviews with established fashion designers, artists and filmmakers. Volt magazine has always been… Continue reading Volt Café

_Shift London

_Shift website run by BA(Hons) Fashion Journalism students

Cross collaborative community building

Building a community internally and externally requires a number of different approaches. On the fashion communiction with business studies course this has been undertaken using a approaches from collaborative speed dating and student led social media content production to sign-up workshops, the creation of kitchen and studio spaces, book swaps and library spaces the student… Continue reading Cross collaborative community building