A Human Centred Design/co-design class

We are cross disciplinary practitioners working across communication, design and social wellbeing.

Creative Pedagogies aim is to create opportunity and support for individuals and community through positive social change. We are committed to creating positive social impact. We do this through personal tutoring, workshops, lectures and collaboration.

This website is a mixture of resources and activities designed to support our roles as educators.

Our ethos is underpinned by ‘less but better’.

Please visit our projects page to find out more about what we have been up to.

About Mark

Mark is a senior lecturer in the school of art and media at the University of Brighton.

Mark’s research looks at the impact of digital technology on our perception of time and space. He does this through creating and designing interventions in the physical space to ask questions and raise awareness of our use of technology and the impact on our awareness of time and space and the world around us.

Mark uses design as a tool to provoke questioning and self-awareness of our relationship, experience & understanding with the physical environment, with the aim to recognise the importance of ‘headspace’. Through this, his research looks at the intersection of art, design and technology and the impact they have in shaping culture and society.

Mark works specifically on projects about social wellbeing and community building that are cross-disciplinary, collaborative and creative, where digital interactive design and user experience is used to build awareness and engagement.

To see what Mark has been up to and the project’s being worked on please visit the projects page

About Sophie